A Historic Step – BCSDN Holds Its Founding Assembly


The elected Board members are:

  • Goran Djurovic (Chair) Executive Director, CRNVO, Montenegro;
  • Tina Michieli (Deputy-Chair) Project Manager, CNVOS, Slovenia;
  • Miljenko Dereta, Executive Director of Civic Initiatives, Serbia;
  • Venera Hajrullahu, Executive Director, KCSF, Kosovo;
  • Saso Klekovski, First Executive Director, MCIC, Macedonia;
  • Aleksandar Krzalovski, Executive Director, MCIC, Macedonia.

The current Secretariat of the network, the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC) was confirmed as the Host institution.

The current Coordinator Tanja Hafner Ademi was elected as the BCSDN Executive Director.

Singing of the Founding Act of BCSDN

a-historic-step-bcsdn-holds-its-founding-assembly-1 (1)

Saso Klekovski, First Executive Director, MCIC, Macedonia


Zeljana Buntic-Pejakovic, Vice-President, CenzuraPlus, Croatia


Goran Djurovic, Executive Director, CRNVO, Montenegro


Milan Mrdja, Executive Director, Center for Promotion of Civil Society, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Aleksandar Krzalovski, Acting Executive Director, MCIC, Macedonia and Selma Hukic, Association Vesta, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Venera Hajrullahu, Executive Director, KCSF, Kosovo and Pandeli Theodori, Executive Director, ACSF, Albania


Miljenko Dereta, Executive Director, Civic Initiatives, Serbia


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