A message by BCSDN on Regional Solidarity and Support in Times of the COVID-19 Crisis


In the wake of the global pandemic, BCSDN Executive Office continues to undertake preventive mechanisms against the COVID-19 outbreak to protect its employees and our surroundings. During this period, we invite you to embrace the success stories of our joint regional actions. At this moment, we hope to continue our work based on empathy, partnership and regional solidarity, by putting forward new proposals and solutions to problems that may arise. This is also a moment in which we can testify about our transparent and accountable work in front of our stakeholders, donors, beneficiaries, and an opportunity to remind our communities that when we are challenged as a region, in a situation with global implications, we stand united and together. Together, let’s make sure we all come out of this crisis stronger and more resilient. Read more here.

Source: BCSDN


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