BCSDN Announces a Call for Proposals for Regional Multi-Country Action Grants (Deadline: TODAY-15 September 2020)


As part of the Regional Civil Society Development Hub, BCSDN is pleased to announce the Call for Regional Multi-Country Action Grants. All regional networks, platforms, initiatives, and other forms of partnerships established in the Western Balkans and having member organizations in more than 2 countries from the region, are invited to apply. With the financial support from SIDA, the Call’s overall objective is to support regional networks and initiatives by financially backing projects that will contribute to wider participation of civil society groups and enhanced regional cooperation among CSOs in promoting civic space. Grants will be awarded to regional networks and initiatives with missions and experience on the enabling environment and accountability. The minimum amount per grant is 20.000,00, while the maximum amount is 70.000,00 EUR. Read more here.

Source: BCSDN


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