BCSDN Annual Narrative and Financial/Audit Report Adopted


At an online extended session of the 10th BCSDN Annual Council Meeting, on 30 April, the Council members approved the BCSDN Annual Report 2017, as well as Audit Report 2017.

In 2017, the success of the network has been its international recognition and creating synergies with efforts of its members at national and local level. In the past year year, the network remained devoted to the refined strategic priorities in the attempt to consolidate its efforts in the enabling environment for civil society development in Balkan countries and the role of civil society in the EU integration process, while further strengthening information-sharing and coordination of civil society in creating synergies for cooperation and advocacy measures of its members. Greater focus has been put on strengthening internal accountability through a consultative creation of the network’s Code of Conduct but also through promoting accountability within the sector. BCSDN expanded its communication and cooperation with key global civil society networks and institutions in key areas of its work.


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