BCSDN at AGNA’s Transformative Scenario Planning Training in Johannesburg


From 25-28 February, 13 AGNA members, including BCSDN, participated in a Transformative Scenario Planning Training on CSO resourcing in Johannesburg, South Africa at CIVICUS head office, led by Perspectivity consultants. The main aim of the TSP training was for AGNA leaders to be able to employ TSP methodology for meaningful and innovative discussions and strategies around how should civil society organize and adapt to new civil society resourcing possibilities. Ultimately, TSP is an approach to develop strategies to become more sustainable and resilient as civil society.

Participants went through learning-by-doing experience where they used different techniques to creatively envision 4 scenarios about the future of CSOs resourcing. The TSP training enabled participants to identify and map drivers, become aware of the critical uncertainties, create a scenario matrix and develop scenarios, and finally, think into future possibilities and know how to use these scenarios to shape the desired future.

Anja Bosilkova-Antovska represented BCSDN at the training, with the aim to bring the TSP thinking back to the BCSDN network and incorporate it into its strategic planning processes. Learning will also be shared during AGNA’s next AGM.



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