BCSDN at the Western Balkans CSO Summit in Tirana, Albania (27-29 February 2020)


The objectives of the Western Balkans CSO Summit were make possible to increase awareness on the importance of nurturing regional cooperation and to promote people to people links through fostering dialogue between WBF’s stakeholders. Introducing the WBF CSO Summit as a potential tool to enhance cooperation and reconciliation, WBF as a civil society pillar targeted the audience of non-profits, media, NGOs, cultural networks, Governments and Donor community from the WB6 region which play an important role in fostering respect and sharing of common regional values.

The civil society representatives on the summit, among which the BCSDN’s Information and Communications Officer Marija Vishinova, took the lead and worked hard in the second day of to prepare the recommendations for decision makers in the region. The recommendations of the CSO representatives were presented to the representatives of the governments. New ideas were given and commitments were taken by the government to better enhance regional cooperation.

The Summit is organized by the Western Balkans Fund with the support of Embassy of Japan in Tirana.


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