BCSDN Celebrating the Global Accountability Week – 12-16 November


BCSDN as part of AGNA and the Global Standard for CSO Accountability is celebrating the Global Accountability Week from 12-16 November, to promote civil society accountability by showcasing CSO accountability initiatives from the region and around the world and to advance the understanding of the dynamic accountability.

CSOs play a critical role in creating just societies and a healthy planet. The purpose of the Global Standard is to mainstream a dynamic approach to accountability in ways which strengthen their effectiveness, connectedness and credibility. The concept of dynamic accountability transforms accountability into an ongoing dialogue which drives learning and change and enhances the legitimacy and credibility of CSOs. This way of working, emphasizes a dynamic approach to accountability which puts stakeholder feedback centre stage. Indeed, a feedback system is a critical element of accountability, and its mechanisms are key vehicles to engage stakeholders, to respond to their input, to learn and to improve CSOs work. BCSDN is one of the 9 networks from around the globe that developed the Global Standard, and since the beginning of this initiative, BCSDN has learned a lot, got inspired from the partners, and developed its own Code of Conduct which is heavily based on the Global Standard.

During the week, apart of the social media campaing, AGNA will also be launching the Accountability and Transparency Platform, a multilingual online toolbox gathering practical examples from AGNA members and partners from around the world. In addition, Accountabile Now is organizing two webinars with the aim to provide an introduction on Dynamic Accountability and the Global Standard, as well as to offer resources for prospective partners to engage with the Global Standard:

Building trust, gaining legitimacy, and ensuring accountability and transparency are the standards all CSOs should reach for. We invite you to share with us the ways your organizations are accountable, the experiences, projects or internal practices on accountability that you are proud of, by using #BeAccountable and #DynamicAccountability on your social media profiles!


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