BCSDN has Joined the Vuka! Coalition for Civic Action


Over the past two years, CIVICUS and more than 200 civil society colleagues, undertook an extensive consultative process to explore collective strategies to combat the global crackdown on civic space. In response to this call, the Vuka! Coalition for Civic Action was formed to coordinate civil society responses to reclaim civic space and mobilize diverse civil society sectors. Vuka! is composed of a diverse spectrum of international, regional and national civil society sectors including women’s groups, social movements, labour organisers, humanitarian and development groups and others.

Given our engagement on civic space and development issues in the Balkans, BCSDN has officially became a partner (Ally) in the Vuka! Coalition.

Vuka!’s mission to help secure crucial short and long terms victories to regain civic space is to be achieved in three ways:

  1. Better sharing of information, insights and resources
  2. Solidarity through co-ordination and joint action
  3. Identifying, developing, and incubating new forms of resistance and organization

More information on the Vuka! Coalition is available here.


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