BCSDN on a Study Visit “Western Balkan CSOs for Global Development” in Vienna and Bratislava


As part of the regional project “Western Balkan CSOs for Global Development”, BCSDN participated in a study visit in Austria and Slovakia from 2 – 5 May 2017. The study visit included participants of Western Balkans CSOs which are project partners, or which were identified as most relevant from these countries to be involved in global development initiatives in their respective countries.

The study visit included meetings with key actors involved in the planning and implementation process of the international development policy of Austria and Slovakia from both government and non-government sector.  The aim of the study visit was Western Balkans CSOs to learn from the Austrian and Slovak experience and be more involved and more effective in facing the challenges of global development. Meetings were held with: The Austrian Foundation for Development Research, The Austrian Development Agency, The Austrian Platform for Development Cooperation – Global Responsibility, NGO Südwind: Development Education and Awareness Raising in Austria – Citizenship Project, SlovakAid, The Slovak Platform of Nongovernmental Development Organizations and The Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As part of the study visit, an expert breakfast was organized where other CSO, media and donors were invited for information exchange and potential cooperation. BCSDN’s Policy and Advocacy Officer Biljana Spasovska gave a presentation on the situation in which civil society organizations operate in the Western Balkans Region, based on the findings from the detailed monitoring conducted by BCSDN members through the Monitoring Matrix on Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development.


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