BCSDN Welcomes its New Board!


BCSDN gladly announces and welcomes a new Board, and looks forward to the new enthusiastic support and leadership for the next three years.

Upon completion of the mandate of the previous composition of BCSDN Board, online elections have been executed during June when the Council members voted and elected a new composition of the Board. Four of the previous members expressed their interest to continue to be a part of the Board for another three-year mandate – Tina Divjak (CNVOS, Slovenia), Ana Novakovic (CRNVO, Montenegro), Bojana Selakovic (Civic Initiatives, Serbia) and Klotilda Kosta (Partners Albania, Albania). Three new candidates were appointed to serve on the Board –: Rana Kotan (TUSEV, Turkey), Aida Daguda (CPCD, Bosnia and Herzegovina), and Taulant Hoxha (KCSF, Kosovo).

We express our gratitude to the outgoing Board members Aleksandar Krzhalovski and Slavisha Prorok, who have been involved with BCSDN for many years for all the support, guidance, and contributions in the past.

Read more about the BCSDN Board members here.


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