CfA: Young Leaders 2019/2020- Budapest (Deadline: 12 August 2019)


The Robert Schuman Institute (RSI), with the support of the Eduardo Frei Foundation starts again the series of courses entitled “Young Leaders” in September, 2019. The event will be provided for 16 young politicians who are working in EPP sister parties in the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and Ukraine, as well as Lebanon. Aims of the project are: to provide theoretical and practical knowledge on political, social, cultural, economic and civic challenges and developments in Europe, to reflect on the fundamental values of democracy, Christian Democracy, and those of the EPP family, to promote the public roles and careers of young people belonging to parties / organisations of the EPP family in EE – SEE by means of education and training, information exchange and network-building. Read more here.

Source: Robert Schuman Institute


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