CfP: Preparing for a Power-Shift , 20-21 November, London (Deadline: 1 October 2019)


In the Accountable Now annual workshop 2019, the CSOs and the donors are going to strive to: identify how different kind of private institutional donors and grantees are currently working together; establish a neutral and safe space to become equal actors in the development sphere, foster mutual understanding of each actor’s barriers and drivers, learn from new and innovative models how donors and grantees have already started to work in more mutual relationships, understand the role of accountability as part of that power-shift and develop a shared vision of how they practice accountability, and Come up with a clear action guide for donors and CSOs to enable each other in shifting the power to the people they serve and work for. The Accountable Now annual workshop 2019 workshop is for all kind of actors working in the humanitarian and development sphere regardless of thematic focus. Read more here.

Source: Accountable Now



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