Civic Initiatives Published the Monitoring Matrix on Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development (CSDev) Report 2019 for Serbia


Civic Initiatives and BCSDN are pleased to present the fifth edition of the MM on Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development (CSDev), covering developments in Serbia in 2019. According to the findings for 2019, the socio-political environment in Serbia was significantly unfavorable for the operations and development of CSOs. Numerous cases of violations of freedom of association, expression, and assembly are recorded. The establishment of GONGOs and PONGOs is one of the main trends in the public space. There is no system for collecting data on donations from citizens and businesses. Even though specific changes in the legal framework have been observed, they are not qualitative and do not address the limited influence in the decision-making process. The Report is part of the activities of the Project “Protecting Civic Space – Regional Civil Society Development Hub” financed by SIDA and implemented by BCSDN in cooperation with its members in the WB. The Report follows the upgraded MM methodology, implemented by BCSDN WB members. Read more here.

Source: BCSDN


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