BCSDN Webinar: Effectiveness in COVID 19- Case study on Effectiveness in Covid-19 Response (Albania and Armenia)


The CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) is coordinating a global activity in evidencing EFFECTIVENESS IN COVID-19 RESPONSE aimed to capture the application of effective development cooperation (EDC) principles in national and sectoral strategies and policies for Covid-19 response. As part of this global effort, country case studies have been conducted all across the world, including two from the Europe Region from Albania and Armenia. To present the case studies, BCSDN is inviting you to a regional webinar tomorrow at 13:00 CET on the Zoom platform: https://bit.ly/30e9ePk .


*CPDE is an open platform that unites CSOs from around the world on the issue of effective development cooperation. It strives to make development more effective by reshaping the global aid architecture and empowering CSOs working on the ground. Through its advocacies and messages, CPDE brings together CSOs, as well as thematic groups and sectors, from different countries. At the moment, CPDE’s membership covers six (6) geographic regions and eight (8) sectors. Its work is guided by five (5) advocacy priorities complemented by working groups to provide policy expertise and lead advocacy engagement.


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