CSOs Across Europe Ready to Work With Věra Jourová To Protect Civic Space


CSOs organized at National and European level, coming from a diversity of areas of citizens concerns have written to Věra Jourová, as the European Commission Vice President designate on Values and Transparency. The signatories of the letter, coordinated by Civil Society Europe, welcome Věra Jourová’s important commitment in a context where freedoms of assembly, association and expression are increasingly challenged in Europe. They also highlight the need for ensuring an EU focal point for regular dialogue between EU institutions and a vibrant and independent organized civil society based on European values, as enshrined in EU Treaties. They also stress that any future strategy on the rule of law must include measures to promote and enable civic space as civil society organizations are a key partner to identify violations, promote democracy and fundamental rights. Read more here.

Source: Civil Society Europe


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