First Glipms of the Donor Maps in Civil Society Development Support in the Balkans


BCSDN is proud to present the donor maps developed as part of a research on the donors strategies and practices in civil society development (CSDev) conducted in 2011. This research aim was to identify main donors, trends and ways of support to civil society in the Balkans. As a part of this research, a database of donor maps was created by Queen Mary University of London and BCSDN. These maps present a dissection of civil society support in 6 countries per donors and sector of support in the period 2010-2011 as reported by donor representatives interviewed or discerned from official information on their websites. The publication and the final database  will be published  in the following weeks. You can find the preliminary maps here: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegroand Serbia. To find out more on the methodology used to create the maps please click here. The analysis of the maps and other related research-material can be found here.


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