How Can EU Law Safeguard Civic Space and The Right to Privacy? We Are One Step Forward


CSOs’ right to privacy has been facing increasing attacks over the past years. New rules were proposed and/or enacted in the name of transparency, protection of national security, countering money laundering and terrorism financing. These rules affect how and what kind of information CSOs have to report and disclose to the public or the authorities, and often put disproportionate burden on the organizations. For example, the 2017 Hungarian Law on the transparency of organizations supported from abroad requires CSOs to comply with additional burdensome requirements on their foreign resources. Since then, the Dutch Ministry for Legal Protection has also published a draft Act on Transparency of CSOs for public consultation. In Romania there was also a proposal that would have imposed burdensome and disproportionate reporting requirements for CSOs. Read more here.

Source: ECNL


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