Human Rights Defenders in The Western Balkans: Intimidation Instead of Recognition Published


The position of human rights defenders (HRDs) in the Western Balkans is increasingly precarious. Across the region, HRDs and organizations, as well as independent media outlets, are prone to intimidation, threats, smear campaigns, digital and physical attacks, and an overall disregard by national authorities. While the region shares several common features (sluggish integration, weak rule of law, intimidation of HRDs, limited democratization, lack of press freedoms, etc.), naturally each country faces specific challenges, and the protection of human rights has unique consequences, depending on local contexts. Accordingly, this report has been compiled by experts from each of the six Western Balkan states, who have extensively researched the challenges and position of HRDs in the region, and offered a broad range of recommendations to national authorities, international community, media and HRDs themselves. Read more here.

Source: IDM Albania


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