Made-To-Measure: Dimensions of Risk and Resilience in the Western Balkans 


The GlobalFocus Center project has carried out an analysis of risks and vulnerabilities in the six Western Balkans countries, to assess permeability to malign influence (i.e. ethnic divisions, group fears, economic disparities, administrations’ disfunctionality and corruption etc.). Through identifying context-specific interests of state and nonstate propaganda/ pressure and pinpointing the auspicious conditions and dissemination channels, concrete case studies deconstruct the modus operandi to recommend ways to mitigate the threat in the future. The aim is to strengthen the decision-makers’ capacity to fight illicit influence, identify hidden agendas, build resilience mechanisms into different sectors of public activity (media, civil society, government, economy etc.) and combat subversion and propaganda through transparency, public awareness and critical thinking. Read more here 

Source: Global Focus



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