Networking in Europe and the Balkans-Presentation of BCSDN at 6th Assembly of FENS


The topics discussed at the Annual Assembly were: European and Balkan networks, implementation of the law on Associations and the reform on FENS. Saso Klekovski, First Executive Director of MCIC, was introductory speaker on the topic “European and Balkan Networks”. He focused on the participation of MCIC in the national, regional, European and global networks, and also discussed the results from his experience with BCSDN , of which MCIC is the founding member and is the seat of its Executive Office.

In the third part there were discussions for the reconstruction of FENS from a network into a platform. The implementation of the Law on Associations in Serbia begins. Around 45.000 organizations from MSGLG will be re-registered in the Agency for Economic Registers. The re-registration will take place in a period of eighteen months, with a statement for adjustment needed, and it will be free of charge. A Guide for implementation of the Law on Associations has been prepared, and is available here. More information about FENS and the 6th Assembly are available on Civic Initiatives website.


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