Partners Albania Published the Monitoring Matrix on Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development (CSDev) Report 2019 for Albania


PA for Change and Development, National Resource Center for Civil Society in Albania, and the BCSDN are pleased to present the 7th edition of the MM on Enabling Environment for CSDev, covering developments in Albania in 2019. According to the findings, there is a lack of an electronic register with comprehensive records for CSOs to be used by public institutions and other stakeholders. Also, there is increased state institutions’ control over CSOs operations, through approval of laws under anti-money laundry and anti-terrorist package. Albeit, CSOs are the main providers of social services, their contribution is neither fully recognized by the state, nor supported through an enabling legal framework, etc. The Report is part of the activities of the Project “Protecting Civic Space – Regional Civil Society Development Hub” financed by SIDA and implemented by BCSDN in cooperation with its members in the WB. The Report follows the upgraded MM methodology, implemented by BCSDN Western Balkan members. Read more about the findings and the recommendations here.

Source: BCSDN


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