Preparation of the IPA III: CSO Consultations Underway


The Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) is a financing instrument of the European Union, through which the EU supports reforms in the Enlargement region. Currently, the European Commission is working on the preparation of IPA III based on the lessons-learned during IPA and IPA II implementation and is consulting the relevant stakeholders, including CSOs. Participating to IPA III consultation allows CSOs to share their views on how IPA funds are implemented by public institutions at central and local level in their areas of work. Civil society can also contribute through its knowledge and hands-on experience with management of IPA projects to improve the effectiveness and efficiency in utilization of IPA funds in the next EU budget cycle. BCSDN has published its Opinion urging for greater EU effectiveness and efficiency, stronger financial and political support that would contribute to a strong civil society, being a relevant actor in the sustainable socio-economic development of the countries. Read more here.

Source: TACSO


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