The overall aim of the Hub’s Strategy is strengthened regional cooperation in promoting the civic space in the Western Balkan region, by supporting activities that will contribute towards effective, transparent and accountable work of the CSOs that will strengthen their position of influential actors in the society striving to a conducive environment for civil society development.

This Call for Project Proposals shall contribute to the achievement of the Hub’s goals.

Name of the Call: “Strengthening regional cooperation to promote civic space in the Western Balkan countries”

Number of the Call: 09- 108/1 – 2020

The overall objective of this Call is to support regional networks and initiatives in the Western Balkan region by financially backing projects that will contribute to wider participation of civil society groups and enhanced regional cooperation among CSOs in promoting civic space.

The funding is provided by SIDA, aiming to build strong regional connections by encouraging the regional networks to share their knowledge, experience and skills in addressing the discrepancies and bottlenecks identified in the development of civil society in the region.

Grants will be awarded to regional networks and initiatives with missions and demonstrated experience in the thematic area of this Call, with special focus on the enabling environment and accountability.

BCSDN with its Executive Office in Skopje is the contracting authority for this Call.

The deadline for applications is 15 September 2020 at 24:00 (CET).

Details about the application process, selection criteria and eligibility of actions are provided in the Guidelines for Applicants.

Applicants are invited to submit their full application using the Application Form (Annex 1), the Budget (Annex 2) and the Logical Framework (Annex 3).

The draft contract and the templates for the reporting documents are available on the following link.

Who Can Apply?

All regional formal/ informal network of active CSOs, associations and foundations, including non-governmental, and not-for-profit coalitions, partnerships, networks, sectoral or thematic interest groups, media outlets, research institutes and think tanks:

  • Registered/ established in at least one of the Western Balkan countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Republic of North Macedonia and Serbia),
  • Registered/ established at least one year before the publication of this Call,
  • Comprised of member organizations in more than 2 countries from the WB region.


Potential applicants should have a mission that is in line with the specific objectives of this Call and should demonstrate experience in project management.

Specific objectives of the Call

The proposed activities should address the discrepancies in the development of civil society in the region by exchanging knowledge, experience, and skill across CSOs and establishing a platform for solidarity and cooperation in case of need.

The proposed interventions should target one of the specific objectives presented bellow and aim to deliver concrete results that feed the overall aim of the Hub’ Strategy:

Specific Objective 1- CSOs contributed to a conducive environment for civil society development by addressing the deterioration of the state of fundamental freedoms, improving the civic dialogue, supporting resources mobilization and alternative funding sources for promoting civic space, etc.

Specific Objective 2- CSOs contributed towards effective, transparent and accountable work by supporting CSO constituency and trust-building, like innovative outreach activities, CSO rebranding, encouraging meaningful participation of stakeholders at all levels, introducing new dynamic accountability practices, etc.

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