EU TACSO 3 Published the Full Report on Civil Society Capacity and Conditions, in WBT for 2018-19, Prepared by BCSDN


The report Assessment on the State of the Enabling Environment and Capacities of Civil Society against the Guidelines for EU support to Civil Society in Enlargement Region, 2014-2020 for the period 2018-2019, prepared by a consortia of researchers led by BCSDN, was just published by EU TACSO 3.

The report presents key findings, conclusions, and recommendations concerning the three major areas:

  • a conducive environment for civil society development,
  • changing relations between CSOs and government, and
  • the capacity of civil society organizations

The report presents that Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia have been assessed positively on the conducive environment for the development of CSOs. While Montenegro is in the middle, Turkey, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina have received a negative assessment. Regarding the CSO-Government relations and the development of CSOs, the report indicates that Governments act in contradicting ways. While on the one hand, they are increasing public funding and opening up decision-making processes; on the other hand, they engage in smear campaigns against specific CSOs. In terms of increased capacities, after at least a decade of broadly available capacity building support, the capacities of organizations remain more or less the same. The report is finalized by providing conclusions and recommendations (way forward), including the recommendations on the regional support and activities of EU TACSO 3.

Please visit TACSO 3 Website to read and download full report, country briefs, infographic and data-set.

Source: EU TACSO 3


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