Who do you donate your 0.5% (#nulapet) of income tax?


BCSDNs member, the Centre for Information Service, Co-operation and Development of NGOs (CNVOS) from Slovenia, has recently started a media campaign to encourage Slovenian citizens to donate its 0,5% (#nulapet) of income tax to CSOs. Anyone who pays income tax can donate its 0.5% of income tax to over 5.000 CSOs in the country, including voluntary firefighters, humanitarian, animal rights, local sports and cultural organizations. The aim of the campaign is to encourage citizens, 60% of which do not donate 0.5% tax, and by doing this, allow over 5 million EUR to go to the state budget, and remain unallocated to such organizations. In other words, half a million food packages or a holiday for 16.000 children from socially disadvantaged families. The campaign went from mass media, social networks, to local and national newspapers, by gathering popular musicians, TV presenters and radio hosts, bloggers, comedians, and writers, making an exceptional response of the campaign – an estimated reach of over 150.000 people by the end of the week. This model promotes direct citizens support to CSOs by donating 0.5% of their income tax to any organization they support, and by doing so, they are making organizations more responsible to its donors and constituencies, i.e. its citizens.


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