11th Edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum Held in Brussels


The 11th edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum titled “Building a more resilient civil society in the Black Sea region“ was held for a first time in Brussels from 11th-14th November. The main aim of the event was to bring more visibility on the importance of the Black Sea Synergy as a policy framework both for the European level, as well as for civil society from this region, especially in the current context of Romania’s Presidency of the European Union Council due to start in the first semester of 2019.

During three days, 6 sessions, four parallel workshops and Regional Café: Meet Your Donor, the event served as platform for gathering input from the participants on the main issues and support mechanisms for strengthening regional cooperation among civil society and for fostering society resilience. The participants presented different monitoring initiatives on enabling environment for CSOs at regional and international level and explored the relevance of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for supporting regional cooperation. The event was organised by the Romanian NGDO Platform (FOND), in partnership with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the financial support of the European Commission.

Our Policy and Advocacy Officer Biljana Spasovska facilitated a session during the second day of the event when representatives of CONCORD, The European Civic Forum, Civil Society Europe and DG NEAR discussed about mechanisms and initiatives for improving civil society environment, focusing on sharing expertise and building solidarity.

You can read more about the event here.


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