Open Call For Ad Hoc Support to Research and Regional Knowledge Exchange for Promoting Civil Society Enabling Environment in the Western Balkans


We are continuing with the pursuit of our mission to empower CSOs for protecting and promoting civic space in the Balkans region! A third round of our Call for Ad-Hoc Support Grants is now open and welcoming new applications from the WB6!

In the last 3 years, through the Regional Civil Society Development Hub we have supported 56 civic initiatives in total, 10 trough the Regional Grant Scheme and 46 trough the Ad-Hoc Grant Scheme, and we are looking forward to continue the sequence during 2023.

The aim of this particular call, is to support CSOs to conduct research, evidence gathering, and knowledge creation to address urgent threats to the civic space or specific windows of opportunities for prompting policy and legal change affecting the enabling environment for civil society development.  

The Hub will support research aimed to collect evidence and or knowledge from the region, that is specifically aimed to contribute towards the first specific objective of the Hub – A conducive environment for civil society development that enables them to be influential actors in society.

The maximum grant limit for this type of support is EUR 6.000,00. The overall amount available under this Call is EUR 50.000,00.

The revised call is available HERE and it is open until all funds are disbursed.

The application form is available HERE.


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