BCSDN Continues promoting more Enabling CS Environment in the Western Balkans with the Regional Civil Society Hub


We are thrilled to announce the continuation of BCSDN’s partnership with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) through a newly granted 4-year project. In the forthcoming period, the Hub will enhance the cooperation and resilience of CSOs in the Western Balkans with the aim to facilitate CSO and multi-stakeholder collaboration and contribute to promoting an enabling environment and civil society influence in policy and decision-making processes.

The anticipated results encompass positive changes in standards and legislation affecting the enabling environment for civil society, as well as increased common understanding and cooperation for promoting civic space.

Over the next period, our efforts will be concentrated on core BCSDN activities, with a focus on:

  • Monitoring and Evidence-based advocacy for promoting the enabling environment and civic space

At the very start of the new programme, we will be finalizing the revision and update of our methodology for the Monitoring Matrix for Enabling environment for civil society to reflect new trends and developments in the WB civil society environment, especially those related to the expansion of the digital civic space during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Using the revised Monitoring Matrix, we will continue with our annual monitoring of the enabling environment and more robust and comprehensive research in specific issues arising from the annual reports.

  • Improved awareness and support by key stakeholders about enabling environment

Our monitoring will be the basis for the development of a comprehensive Regional Advocacy Strategy that will guide our advocacy actions towards various stakeholders on national, regional, and international level in the next four years.  A mechanism for Rapid Alert will also be developed to raise awareness and to prompt reactions of the relevant actors in cases of sudden threats or attacks to the civic space.

  • Joint strategic approaches and response to civic space issues

Bring together BCSDN members, Hub grantees, and other CSOs’ representatives from the region, the Hub will facilitate the creation of regional coalition for protecting civic space by facilitating collaboration, exchange of information, mutual learning, and planning of joint actions.

We extend our appreciation to Sida for their support that not only facilitated the establishment of the Regional Civil Society Hub but also nurtured its growth, strengthening our efforts to providing a more enabling civil society environment in the Balkans. Moving forward, we remain committed to continue protecting the WB civic space and contribute toward a more resilient and democratic civil society in the region.

Interested in our achievements through the previous Sida-supported Regional Civil Society Hub project? Explore more HERE.

Stay up-to date and regularly visit our website for upcoming Regional Hub developments, as well as for the official launch of the Regional Civil Society Hub webpage, along with a regional database, that will be released in the upcoming period.  


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