3rd Partnership Meeting – Regional Cooperation Continues Into The Second Phase


The following were the main conclusions of the meeting:

  • communication must be improved in two ways: between network partners through maintenance of a dynamic webpage, creation of a mailing list and biweekly updates on activities and in internal communication in partner organizations through designating 2 persons (senior and deputy) as focal points for cooperation and communication; – a name for the network that properly reflects the identity of the network must be found (a logo or brandname);
  • vision and mission must be further clarified by defining key terms (e.g. capacity building, indigenous civil society);
  • a list of programme of activities was drawn up, for which partner organizations have taken the responsibility to organize;
  • membership is based on ‘stability before expansion’ principle. Non-member organizations are invited to join in specific events. A partner from BiH must be found. Partner organizations act as country focal point or ‘hubs’;
  • network structure is based on Steering Group (annual meeting of senior representatives of partner organizations), Core Group (topic meetings by representative per country), Chairperson (rotating principle, presidency over the Steering group), Secretariat (fixed within one partner organization, currently MCIC with one person as a coordinator of the network) and Focal Points (one contact person in each partner organization, deputy to the senior representative).

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