4th Partnership Meeting – Finalized Plans for Network’s Activities 2004-2006


Eleven representatives from 7 partner organizations took part in the meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to gather directors and/or other senior representatives of partner organizations to discuss future responsibility, roles and coordinate activities of the network for 2004-2006.

The main decisions and conclusions of the meeting were:

  • 3 priority themes (EU advocacy, resource mobilization (volunteers, community work, fundraising) and training and consultancy standards) for common activities and preliminary schedule 2004-2006 were agreed;
  • working groups for specific themes (e.g. gender and anti-trafficking, decentralization, diaconal practice, CSR), which will work on plan of action in these areas, were established;
  • wider and narrower definition of membership in terms of network’s management and geographical scope was agreed;
  • the Programme Document and budget 2004-2006 were agreed and finalized;
  • working group on shared vision and mission was also established;
  • call for network’s short name and logo is to be issued;
  • call for nomination of new chair and host of next SG meeting in spring 2005 is also to be issued.

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