How to become a member?

According to the Statute of BCSDN, an organization can become member of the BSCDN network if it fulfilss the following two criteria:

  • The organization works and contributes to strengthening and/or developing the civil society in the Balkan region through activites such as advocacy and capacity development; and
  • The organization is a civil society organization, registered in conformity with the national laws of its country.

Member organizations agree that the underlying function of the membership criteria should be to have updated and active members. Therefore, an organization that does not participate to two subsequent SG meetings will no longer be a member.

BCSDN’s Statute prescribes that the status of a member and/or the consultative status can be acuired if:

  • The organization expresses interest in and formally states its acceptance of BCSDN’s vision and mission; and
  • At least 2 member organizations recommend the organization, out of which one has to be from the same country as the candidate organization, in case there is more then 1 member organization from the given coutry.

The Council decides by a simple majority vote upon the award of the membership or consultative status.

A member organization may have its  status terminated if:

  • It doesn’t participate in two subsequent Council meetings without justified cause;
  • It violates the Statute or any other BCSDN Act;
  • It fails to pay its membership fees for two consecutive years;
  • It works against the goals, the task and the reputation of the BCSDN;
  • It falls within any other situation envisaged with the Law or the Statute of BCSDN.

The decision to revoke the membership status of an organization is taken by a  simple majority by all member organizations present at a Council meeting.

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