Albanian Institute for Public Affairs Analysis on CSO Involvement at EU Accession Negotiations


On 30th of October 2015, the Albanian Institute for Public Affairs organized a roundtable event to present the findings of the occasional policy paper “CSO involvement at EU accession negotiations: Best Practices from previous accession”.

The policy research output contributes to the debate in Albania regarding civil society involvement in EU accession negotiations. The references to other countries’ experiences offer a solid background together with concrete recommendations concerning lessons learned and best practices. What is more, the added value of the research lies in AIPA’s recommendation of the mixed model proposition as regards the level, modes, mechanism and stages for the Albanian CSO engagement at EU accession negotiations.

The presentation held participants interest which complemented the debate with various inquiries. Some frequently mentioned concerns included the extent to which the views of the Albanian society are being considered in the EU accession negotiations preparations and the opinions and readiness level of trade unions, business associations and other interest groups in the accession process.

This policy paper was prepared within the Balkan Public Policy Fund (BPPF), as part of the Balkan CS Acquis Project, implemented by BCSDN and its partners, with the financial support of the EU and BTD.

The English version of the occasional paper can be found here.


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