BCSDN at Civil Society Days 2023, Organized by EESC


As a part of our advocacy journey, BCSDN took part in the official agenda of the Civil Society Days 2023, organized by European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) that took place in 1-3 March in Brussels. Under the theme “Civil society organisations: a pillar of democracy and a key player to overcome current challenges”, Civil Society Days 2023 brought together a diverse range of civil society actors from across Europe to discuss and debate the challenges facing civil society in the region, as well as the opportunities to advance social justice, democracy, and inclusion.

BCSDN Executive Director Ms. Biljana Spasovska, was a prominent participant in the event. In her speech during the closing sessions of the event, Ms. Spasovska delivered a powerful closing address that emphasized the importance of solidarity and collaboration among civil society actors, as well as the need to engage with decision-makers and institutions to ensure that the voices of civil society are heard and taken into account. She also stressed the need to invest in the capacity building and empowerment of civil society actors to enable them to drive positive change in their communities.

During the 4th session of the Civil Society Days 2023, participants discussed the critical issue of shrinking civic space in Europe. One of the speakers during this session was Ms. Maja Stojanovic, the Director of the BCSDN member Civic Initiatives provided valuable insights into the challenges that CSOs face in the Balkans and provided incentives how they are working to overcome them. Her contribution highlighted the importance of continued collaboration and advocacy to protect and expand civic space for civil society actors across Europe.


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