BCSDN at Civil Society High-Level Conference on Youth Policy in the Western Balkans


The Civil Society High-Level Conference focused on Youth policies in the Western Balkans took place on the 16th of September in Prague, bringing together EESC members, CSO representatives from the countries of the Western Balkans, as well as Czech officials and CSO representatives.

With the focal point being the accession perspective and the role of young people in the process, the conference ensured space for experts and decision-makers with different backgrounds to define and prioritize bringing issues while pledging to join efforts towards efficient solutions.

BCSDN`s Executive Director, Ms. Biljana Spasovska took part in the event in the capacity of a speaker within the panel titled “European path for the Western Balkans: Roadmap towards clear accession perspective and the role of young people”,  Mr.Strahinja Subotić from the European Policy Centre – Belgrade, Mr. Albert Hani from RYCO, Mr. Ognjen Marković from the RCC and Mr. Ivan Iliev from EDYN.

In her address, Ms. Spasovska emphasized the social engagement of young people, as well as their involvement in decision-making processes, is conditioned by the existence of an enabling environment for civil society actors,  and presented the key findings from last year’s monitoring of BCSDN of the civil society enabling environment in the Western Balkans.

The call for the EU to continue the support the youth of the Western Balkans made it to the official conclusion of the event: reinforcing EU programs and regional structures, to reach more young people in the Western Balkans by providing them with opportunities for education, mobility, volunteering, and employment. The document containing a total of 29 conclusions arising from the topics discussed through the conference has been made publicly available here



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