BCSDN Beyond 2016: BCSDN Board Met to Discuss New Strategy Proposal


On the 17th and the 18th of December, BCSDN Board held a Strategic workshop and a regular 3rd session of the Board that served as a basis for discussing the new Mid-term strategy of the network and next steps to be taken in this regard. The Executive Office (EO) has previously prepared a discussion document, which served as a basis for development of the new strategy for the period 2017-2020. The Board focused on discussing the key challenges and dilemmas, starting from the network purpose, membership and fine tuning of the mid-term goals and priorities.

Ionut Sibian, representative of EESC provided for a background analysis introducing the key external challenges to the network in the upcoming years by analyzing the major issues that the EU is faced with currently. The post-2016 proposed strategic orientation of the network focuses largely on upgrading and enhancing current priority work issues: enabling environment, CS role in democratization process, CS access to diverse resources, communication and coordination, external funding but also on new issues like CSO accountability, development cooperation etc. Participants agreed on the baseline for the document that will be further developed and approved by Board by the end of January 2016 as a basis to launch a discussion at the membership level.

The Strategy is expected to be approved by the all members at the next Council meeting in April 2016. Stay tuned for the final strategy document in 2016 and contact the EO if you have any questions.


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