BCSDN Comments on DG Enlargement’s Guidelines for EU Support to Civil Society in Enlargement Countries, 2014-2020


On 14 June, 2013 BCSDN submitted its comments on the DG Enlargement’s draft Guidelines for EU support to civil society in enlargement countries, 2014-2020 which were sent to them in May, 2013. The draft Guidelines has included some positive changes, such as more flexible programming and the availability of longer-term program support for civil society. BCSDN has welcomed these changes. They have also welcomed the more inclusive way of developing the IPA 2014-2020 support as compared to the IPA 2007-2013 cycle, with special focus on the support to civil society under the Civil Society Facility (CSF). BCSDN additionally, highlighted some important points which need to be kept in mind by the DG Enlargement when drafting the final guidelines. First, the Guidelines need to benchmark achievement at the political level; second, civil society and especially CSOs need to be partners in the EU accession process; third, space needs to be left either at the regional level and/or the national level to ensure unhindered support to civil society to address strategic issues for development of the sector; finally, indicators for civic non-formal forms of activism needs to be brought into the Guidelines. Download the draft Guidelines and BCSDN’s comments here.


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