GAW 2022: Regional Workshop “Donors & CSOs: together towards a more Accountable Civil Society in the Western Balkans”


The Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN) cordially invites you to the “Donors & CSOs: together towards a more Accountable Civil Society in the Western Balkans”, to be organized on 7 October 2022, in an online format, starting from 11:00h CET.

The event is a part of the Global Accountability Week 2022, a full-week campaign during which CSOs and platforms including the Global Standard for CSO Accountability share experiences, good practices, and success stories on how organizations are finding ways to transform their accountability, legitimacy, and transparency practices with their constituents, and society at large.

By using the examples of donors’ practices, the workshop will aim to reflect on the recent success and challenges of Western Balkans Donors-CSOs’ relations in building a more accountable, resilient, and effective civil society in the region. To shift the power and recognize the national CSOs’ efforts in building a more accountable and resilient civil society, the event will also reflect on how CSOs’ adherence to national civil society codes (the Albanian Code of Standards and the Macedonian Civil Society Code) can serve and enhance CSOs’ relationships and in building more supportive policies for civil society development. Considering the Global Standard recognition in the new DG NEAR Guidelines for EU Support to Civil Society in the Enlargement Region 2021- 2027 (EU Guidelines), the event will also reflect on how this could be used as a positive example and inspire other donors in their work, as well as how the region’s civil society programs and all donors should be involved in the process of EU Guidelines implementation.

Please also find enclosed the Zoom registration for the event HERE.

Detailed agenda and event background are available HERE.


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