BCSDN holds 16th Annual Council Meeting


On the20th of April this year, we gathered the extended constellation of our membership and held the annual council meeting.

Our council sessions are always an amazing reflection opportunity. Together, we go through all the endeavors we have undertaken in the previous year, and we count our little victories in protecting civic space and enabling fellow-CSO representatives in pursuing their missions and vision.

The executive office presented the Annual Narrative and Financial reports which synchronously draw a detailed image of all the activities undertaken in the past year, and how all the things are done are actively contributing towards empowering the civil society and influencing European and national policies toward more enabling environment for civil society development to ensure sustainable and functioning democracies in the Balkans.

The Reports were adopted by the Council, alongside the presentation of the Annual plans for execution and expenditures – to be our roadmap for the next months.

The novelty of this Council Meeting would be the newly introduced check-in session through which we aim to ensure more thought familiarity of the membership with each other`s activities, efforts, and challenges on the national/local level.

We are staying focused on the work we pledged to do and we are looking forwards to sharing more news with you.



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