BCSDN Newsletter 72: A Snapshot of Our Activities and Accomplishments From the Beginning of the Year!


In the latest issue of the BCSDN quarterly newsletter, we present some of the networks’ activities and accomplishments made from the beginning of 2021. The newsletter focuses on our regular activities and projects, oriented towards strengthening our mission for providing an enabling environment for civil society development in the Balkans. It highlights our progress within the Regional Civil Society Hub; our opinions on the EU’s approach on civil society development in the Enlargement countries; our work on accountability and partnership with recognized global platforms, such as CIVICUS, CPDE, and the Global Standard for CSO Accountability; the new and existing synergies with networks and CSOs, working in the field of civil society development, etc. The newsletter also presents BCSDN members’ activities and deliverables, focusing on enhancing the Balkans’ civic space. Read more here.

Source: BCSDN


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