BCSDN Position: Next Phase of TACSO Should be Led by Local CSOs


As a key regional actor in civil society development, BCSDN with its members has been involved in the two phases of technical assistance to CSOs offered in the framework of a TACSO project, primarily as a member of the EU Programming Committee or via its members as LAG members or host of TACSO local offices. With a 3rd phase in sight as of August 2013, BCSDN has laid out in its Position how this ultimate phase in which local CSO should take over the responsibility and ownership of TACSO national components and activities, should look like.

The specific added-value of the next phase should include support to these local CSO-successors in taking over the portfolio of activities in an effective and sustainable manner. Procedures and criteria for selection of successor organizations should be both pre-determined and consensus-based by EC/EUDs and CSOs (via established national bodies for cooperation or platforms or other forums). Moreover, each of the successors would need to present a sustainability plan, which would include synergies with government bodies/mechanism for cooperation and which would be developed jointly with government bodies and CSOs. BCSDN has outlined this position to the DG Enlargement, but since this concerns primarily local CSOs and actors, we consider extremely important that everyone has a say in outlining their views and how they are best supported in developing their capacities both as organizations and as a sector.


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