DG Enlargement Published Implementation Schedule for IPA Aid Transparency


After being assessed as performing poorly in the 2012 Aid Transparency Index, DG Enlargement has published the Common Standard implementation schedule on how it is to improve the transparency of IPA funding. Publish What You Find (PWYF) has assessed the Schedule as moderately ambitious using their Tracker website where you can follow the implementation of the Schedule. According to the Schedule, DG Enlargement will start their IATI publication in September this year. To see all the findings of the 2012 Aid Transparency Index, please visit Publish What You Fund’s website. The detailed analysis of the DG Enlargement Common Standard implementation schedule can be found here. Also visit BCSDN IPA CSF 2007-2011: Evolution not Revolution infograph to see that problem of data available on IPA funding is an issue preventing quality external assessment of IPA support delivered to WBT countries since 2007. PWYF, the global campaign for aid transparency advocating for a significant increase in the availability and accessibility of comprehensive, timely and comparable aid information, launched the Aid Transparency Index, which aimed to assess how closely donor organizations’ data conforms to best practice. The 2012 Aid Transparency Index found that donor transparency is on the rise but continues to fall short of best practice. The Index also found that the DG Enlargement performed poorly, particularly at the country level, where support to Turkey was assessed as the country receiving the largest amount of funding by the DG. The data for the 2012 assessment was provided by BCSDN and verified by PWYF.


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