Global Standard for CSO Accountability Partnership Meeting in Nairobi


At the Global Standard for CSO Accountability’s 2023 Partnership meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, from 17-21 April, the Global Standard partners discussed how to make this partnership an even greater asset towards promoting and positioning a more enabling environment worldwide. Participants examined their country contexts to grasp better challenges faced by CSOs so that they can be optimally supported with effective strategies. This gathering of experts created valuable dialogue as they sought new approaches to catalyze progress on behalf of CSOs worldwide.

Ms. Marija Vishinova Shemova, the Network and Partnership Coordinator of BCSDN, joined eight other Global Standard (GS) partners to discuss their fragility concerning creating an enabling environment for CSOs operating in the Balkans. Ms. Vishinova Shemova’s focus was on analyzing challenges that must be faced while making use of Dynamic Accountability measures to pave the way for better prospects within the region – initiatives ranging from accomplishments already achieved by BCSDN up until plans being made further down the line were also shared during the meeting.

Three new members were welcomed during the gathering – PIANGO, West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI), and Population, Health, and Environment (PHE). Each organization brings diverse knowledge and expertise to enhance our network’s impact.

The partners successfully concluded the meeting by approving a co-developed governance structure. Furthermore, they operationalized it with finalized rules and partners’ roles and elected the GS Board members. They also established a plan of action to help implement their new structure – from discussing potential funding sources to implementing agreed regulatory matters.


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