EC Adopted Implementing Decision on the EU CSF and Media Programme 2021-2023 for WBT


The European Commission has published the executive decision on the financing of the multi-country multiannual action plan on an EU Civil Society Facility and Media Programme in favour of the Western Balkans and Turkey for 2021-2023.

The decision on the Civil Society Facility and Media Programme for the Western Balkans and Turkey consists of a multiannual financial plan and multiannual work program.

While the action of the first objective is horizontal and as it states “is to support a conducive environment for Civil Society, strengthen cooperation between CSOs and IPA beneficiary authorities”, the further actions of the objectives vary from country to country, depending on the specific needs. In addition to the EU CSF and Media Programme Multi-country 2021-2023, available here, the action plan includes the following actions and objectives per country:

  • Albania (action document): to improve participatory and inclusive democratic governance, including in the implementation of policies and enforcement of legislation in line with EU standards at the national and local level through effective monitoring and advocacy by CSOs and Media;
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (action document): to strengthen participatory democracy and the EU approximation process by empowering civil society to actively take part in decision making and by stimulating an enabling legal and financial environment for civil society and pluralistic media;
  • Kosovo* (action document): to enhance the enabling environment for civil society and media, strengthening capacities and effectiveness of civil society and media actors as well as improving the cooperation between civil society and public authoritiesч
  • Montenegro (action document): to support CSOs to contribute and monitor the reform and EU integration process in all fields relevant to accession, as well as improve the cooperation between governments and civil society;
  • North Macedonia (action document): to enhance the space and capacities of civil society and media to efficiently address and contribute to the key priorities for further democratisation of the society;
  • Serbia (action document): to build capacity of CSOs to monitor reform processes and participate in policy dialogue as well as supporting the implementation of the media strategy of Serbia, including media ethics; and
  • Turkey (action document): to foster a functioning pluralistic, participatory and representative democracy and the consolidation of a resilient civil society by promoting a culture of fundamental rights and dialogue.

Civil Society plays a crucial role in the proper implementation of the CSF-MP and is essential for the achievement of measurable, long-lasting results from its implementation. To ensure those results CSOs require strategic, long term support that will ensure their uninterrupted operation and constant upgrading and strengthening of capacities. In the coming weeks, BCSDN will prepare an analysis about how the EU treats and plans to support civil society in the Western Balkans and Turkey through the new IPA CSF-MP 2021-2023.


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