EU Experience in Civic Dialog


The training was delivered by a training team from experienced networking organization – Center for Information Service, Cooperation and Development of NGOs (CNVOS) from Slovenia. The Novi Sad training was hosted by Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization (EHO) and Tirana training by Diakonia Agapes (DA), both BCSDN members and partners. 41 participants from Albania, BiH, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, and Montenegro attended the trainings.

The three day training agenda was divided into three parts. The training team consisted of trainer Tina Divjak and Jadranka Vesel (CNVOS) from Slovenia. The first day of the training was oriented to presentation on civic dialog between CSOs, government and EU, mechanisms of civic dialog, state of civic dialog in Slovenia, the region, and EU. The second day topics such Slovenian experience in civic dialog. Third day was oriented on regional strategies in civic dialog. Through this training, participants had the opportunity to strengthen their partnership with the organizations from this part of Europe.

The Civic Dialog in Slovenia has improved under pressure of EU. Even though there isn’t specific law for public participation in bringing decisions, it is regulated with Law of freedom of information. Also, there are laws which explicitly are defining the obligation to inform and/or consult the public.

Participants aim from the training is to: define the terminology, to overcome the differences in the sector; to be inclusive; to include previous experiences; positive outcome and knowledge from the sector to be announced; equality between organizations; clear defined interest; active communication between CSOs and CSOs and Government; to use knowledge and contacts from the sector; to be constructive i.e. to offer suggestions and solutions.


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