Expanding and Maturing Regional Network of Civil Society Organizations in the Balkans


The main highlights of the meeting are:

  • Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) from Kosovo and Vesta – Civic Iniatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina were unanimously accepted as 13th and 14th members of the network;
  • plan of activities for 2008 of the network (incl. bi-weekly editions of Weekly e-mail alerts and production of the report of the state of civil society vis-a-vis the EU and related study visit to Brussels) was confirmed;
  • partners agreed that the BCSDN Evaluation Report 2004-7 represents a good basis for discussion of the future of the network and will be used in further discussions on this issue;
  • 2-3 day workshop will be organized in second half of June to discuss two issues:
    -revision of vision and mission and define new mid-term strategy 2008-2010 and priority themes for cooperation;
    -legal status and registration of the network. KCSF offered to provide facilitator and funding for the workshop to be held in Ohrid;
  • a Working Group on draft Statute consisting of Aleksandar Krzalovski (MCIC), Goran Djuric (CRNVO) and Tanja Hafner Ademi (BCSDN Secretariat), with the support of Vest and CNVOS will prepare a draft Statute of the network before the June workshop (see Annex 4 for elements of the Statute).

More details on the meeting are available in the full text of the minutes .


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