Freedom House: Democratic Institutions in the Western Balkans Continued to Falter in 2022


The Freedom House Nations in Transit 2023 report reveals that democratic institutions in the Western Balkans continued to stagnate in 2022. The slight improvements in Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia were balanced by declines in Montenegro and BiH, while Serbia’s score remained unchanged. The EU has granted BiH candidate status while Kosovo has submitted their application for consideration. Montenegro has experienced government collapses due to political polarization over national identity. North Macedonia has faced challenges with passing legislation at the national level, but there were positive improvements in transparency and civic participation at the local level. Albania, on the other hand, faces difficulties with clientelist party politics, slow judicial vetting, and corruption. The report also highlights irregularities in Serbia’s 2022 elections, resulting in the ruling political party’s victory. Read more here.
Source: European Western Balkans


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