Global Standard Milestone: Final Version Available Online


The Global Standard is a reference standard that captures a globally shared, dynamic understanding of CSO accountability. It was developed by accountability Initiatives from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. The Global Standard includes 12 Commitments for Dynamic Accountability which CSOs promise to deliver and Key Actions against which they can be held to account. It is a very practical framework that is adaptable to different cultural, geographical and organisational needs, by reducing the technicality of guidance and using simple language with less jargon. With its simplified yet comprehensive approach, the Global Standard enables CSOs no matter what size or reach to improve their accountability practice and thereby their effectiveness.

WHAT IS THE GLOBAL STANDARD? The term Dynamic Accountability was coined by the organisation Restless Development. It describes the concept of being an accountable CSO actor and transparently working with and learning from stakeholders in order to increase our impact and effectiveness. This dynamic understanding of accountability that puts people in the centre of decision-making is at the heart of the Global Standard. The purpose of the Global Standard is to be a starting point for a global movement for Dynamic Accountability, by offering a framework to realise common goals and values that unite CSOs worldwide. If the dynamic approach to accountability is practiced by thousands of CSOs it has the potential to transform the civil society sector into a highly participative and responsive actor, generating trust on the ground and leveraging stakeholder contributions for greater impact.

WHO CAN USE IT? The Global Standard can be used by Accountability Initiatives worldwide to align their existing or to develop new accountability standards. It is not intended to replace them. If accountability codes all over the world are better aligned with each other, there will be more comparability and transaction costs will be reduced. It can also be used on a voluntary basis as a benchmark by:

  • CSOs, CSO networks and advocacy groups to improve their accountability standards and practice
  • Governments and Donors to create enabling regulations and funding policies for CSOs
  • CSO stakeholders to hold CSOs accountable
  • CSOs to enable effective partnerships

The final version of the Standard’s Core Document, as well as the Guidance materials and Info-sheet flyer, are available here.

We are keen to hear your feedback, please get in touch to learn more about the Global Standard and how to get involved, at:


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