Global Standard Partners Discuss Dynamic Accountability Measures in Nairobi


At the Global Standard for CSO Accountability Partnership meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, from 17-21 April, partners gathered to discuss how to promote and position a more enabling environment worldwide for CSOs. The meeting brought together experts from various countries, including Ms. Marija Vishinova Shemova, the Network and Partnership Coordinator of BCSDN. She analysed challenges faced by CSOs operating in the Balkans while making use of Dynamic Accountability measures to pave the way for better prospects within the region. Additionally, three new members were welcomed during the gathering, and the partners approved a co-developed governance structure and established a plan of action to help implement their new structure. The meeting successfully concluded with the operationalization of the finalized rules and partner roles and the election of the GS Board members. Read more here.
Source: BCSDN


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