Guide to EU Funding 2014-2020


Finding the appropriate funding sources for a local authority, a public entity, a company or a CSO can be a major problem. Information is scattered across many different sources and is often confusing and outdated. The EPRS ‘Guide to EU Funding 2014-2020’ is a basic introduction to EU funding opportunities for regional and local authorities, CSOs, businesses, professionals and citizens. The objective is to provide an accessible list of the most important EU funds, and to provide potential beneficiaries with appropriate information on the opportunities the funding offers. The guide’s main funding themes are divided in subsections to facilitate research and a (non-exhaustive) list of major potential beneficiaries is mentioned at the end of each section of the guide to help the reader. As new funding elements emerge on a continuous basis, the guide will be updated regularly. The Guide is available for download here.

Source: EP Research Service Blog


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