How to remain “dynamically accountable” in challenging times? – RACoP First Thematic Event


BCSDN cordially invites you to

Regional Accountability Community of Practice (RACoP)
First Thematic Event

How to remain “dynamically accountable” in challenging times?

25 January 2023, 11 AM CET


Struggling with the new reality imposed by permanent crisis (COVID-19, and the War in Ukraine), CSOs adjusted their work to address the stakeholders’ needs in the communities they serve. Despite limited recognition from governments or inclusion in emergency plans, CSOs in the Balkans are proving to be vital partners for states during this unprecedented period; successfully reorienting their activities towards vulnerable people – bolstering solidarity and partnership. These valuable contributions are helping rebuild public trust amidst a fragile landscape which will ultimately strengthen future legitimacy of civil society initiatives going forward.

The session will dive deep into the CSOs’ successes and challenges as they attempt to practice “dynamic accountability” amid crises. We will examine examples from BSCDN and RACoP members to illustrate this concept, then ask ourselves: Is our investment in accountability sufficient for protecting us against future changes or crises?

11:00-11:10 Welcome and Introduction

BCSDN Executive Office




Revision and Q&A of 2023 RACoP Action Plan

RACoP members




Dynamic Accountability in Challenging times: Sharing BCSDN Experience

BCSDN EO and members





Regional Stories in Times of Crisis: Success and challenges when practicing Dynamic Accountability

RACoP members

12:00-12:10 Q&A Session
12:10-12:20 Conclusions and Reflections: Are we doing enough, and in what future can we hope?



Next Steps


Join us in our actions advancing our accountability, strengthening the civic space, and building more resilient communities in the Balkans!

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